Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Apartment in Dar (the "Before" pictures)

Many people have been asking me to post some pictures of my apartment here in Dar. It is ridiculously large and spacious, and really quite nice (with the exception of the ugly couches). It's a small source of guilt for me, as I had wanted to both live alone and live in a neighborhood that would be safe and secure but not in the part of town where the majority of ex-pats live. This made finding a suitably sized apartment quite difficult, and so I ended up with this 3-bedroom, 2-bath place all to myself.

I have done some decorating and light remodeling since I moved in, so the apartment is looking significantly better these days. The "After" pictures will follow in the new year :)

Walking in the front door. My place was oddly (?) equipped with a water cooler.

My living room furniture. Otherwise known as my ugly couches...

Looking down the hallway into the rest of the apartment. Note the pepto bismol colored trim on the walls. This is in every, single room of my apartment. Ugh.

The kitchen.

My apartment building seems to have been built by the Chinese. This is my induction heater. Neither me, nor my neighbors, actually know how to use it...

Maybe it would help if I could read Chinese????

Originally I had no stove or oven. Only the induction heater that no one knows how to use. I insisted on a gas stove with oven as one of the conditions of signing the lease. Isn't it lovely??

My bedroom...

My bathroom....

There's no tub, but a $15 investment in a new shower head has made this an incredible shower!!!

Although if you look a little closer, you'll see that upon moving in I may or may not have done some minor damage..

My washing machine, which broke after its first use. Luckily my landlady was nice enough to replace it with a new, functional machine...

My patio/laundry area...

It takes a while to load pictures, so I've only included the master bed/bath. The other bedrooms are similar.


  1. your place looks ammmaaaazzzinnngggg. i'd say you live in a palace! ;)

  2. I completely agree with Yen!!!! Wow . . . maybe it is better if I don't look at these anymore. I am starting to feel again like I am living in the bush . . . just when I was starting to feel at home!